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Stringing Machines



























Manual Floor Stand Stringing Machine Features:

•Crank tension mechanism

•6point mounting system

•Linear string gripper

•Spring-action swivel base levers

•Reversible crank handle

•360 degree racquet rotation

•Stringing Tools

•Manual springs tension winder (9-90lbs)


Weight : 36.5KGS

Height : 110cm


Price:$1450 Ex. GST

SALE $1120.45 Ex.GST

          $1232.50 Incl. GST


Order Code:TSM-E8829    

Please click here for order information






Stringing Cutter


Micro Shear Flush cutter


Full flush cutting.  

Glare Eliminating black finish

Ergonomically shapped

Non-slip rubber Grip


Price:$16.99 Ex. GST

          $18.70 Incl GST


Order Code:C-170IIA

Please click here for order information





Stringing Plier


Grip Long Nose Plier


Features a thin profile for access in high density areas

Ergonomically shapped

Non-Slip Rubber Grips

A Glare Elimanating black finish

Light weight for operator comfort



Price: $19.99  Ex. GST

          $21.99 Incl. GSt

Order Code:C-485

Please click here for order information






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